Philosophy Of Dana International Trade Co.
Dana International Trade Co is established regarding the following philosophy:

- Introduction and identification of Iranian product as quality goods in global standard rank to world markets
- The largest and the best Iran export Management Corporation in the field of consumer goods
- All member of Dana Trade Co. known as the best exporter
- Dana Trade Co as the best exporter
- Establishment and development of a package of products called by the name of company brand
- Establishment and development of a product package with a shared brand with manufacturer member
- Development and promotion of export-based viewpoint among merchants and manufacturer

 - Outsource development
- Applying potential capacities in production and promoting teamwork
- Developing employment in country by export rate increase
- Searching and analyzing successful export corporation methods
- Applying E-commerce tools to expand exportation
- Applying Iran suitable position among world Moslems
- Counseling and educating Corporation eager to export
- Establishing a scientific and professional export center in the field of consumer goods
- Applying Iranian’s potential who live in other countries
- Training efficient and qualified workforce in export marketing  
- Establishing an export management system with all necessities, rules and conditions

Fundamental values:
- Team work
- Honesty entrepreneurship
- Employment
- Individual growth
- Competition
- Cooperation
- Learning

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