History Of Dana International Trade Co.
Dana International Trade Company (Private Corporation) has begun his trading activities with special focus on export in 2004.To reach this goal the company has applied modern method s such as recognizing the goal market and status of the products in the world via internet also, it has applied traditional method s such as participating in exhibitions and telemarketing and all these make this trade corporation unique in Iran.
In order to achieve its goal to promote export and to use the potential capacities of our country production department, this company has designed an innovative model for exporting high quality Iranian products, through this plan a contract is signed with a deserved manufacturer company to perform all of its export affairs such as: sales, participation in abroad exhibitions, back up the website, E-marketing, customer online services, answering customers emails and having close communication with them. Finally, based on the available potentials the company takes actions to market and to export the products to different countries all around the world.
In other words this corporation strongly believes in performing affairs professionally in the field of production and sale. Therefore it has designed an innovative model through which it applied the power of qualified manufacturer and suitable marketing   to reach its export goals which leads to increasing growth of export rate of companies which it supports, exporting their products to more than 30 countries.
In regard to ability of this company in export marketing and essential need of manufacturer for professional export activities this company has been prepared to develop its export markets and products.
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